World of Final Fantasy converted for PC

World of Final Fantasy is a pretending computer game in which players take control of twin kin Lann and Reynn as they explore the universe of Grymoire. In Grymoire, every one of the characters and creatures experienced by the player are rendered in a chibi-style.


The exemptions are Lann and Reynn, who can move freely between chibi shape and their actual structures. Amid their ventures, Lann and Reynn become friends with different beasts called Mirages that they can use both in fight and inside the safe environment: cases of this use incorporate riding bigger Mirages as mounts or utilizing them to explore natural riddles. The amusement’s fight framework makes utilization of the Active Time Battle (ATB) framework utilized by various Final Fantasy diversions. In fight, players control a gathering of Mirages which can be stacked upon each other to give different shelters in fight while diminishing the quantity of turns that can be taken. The sorts of Mirages utilized influence the gathering’s accessible aptitudes and capacities in fight. Hallucinations are gotten to know in fight after they have been adequately debilitated, and once in the gathering can be uninhibitedly named. Notwithstanding standard Mirages are exceptional Mirages that can be briefly summoned into fight utilizing Action Points (AP): the Mirage stays in fight, supplanting the fundamental party, until the summoner’s AP is exhausted.

The principle heroes are kin Lann and Reynn – Lann is a vigorous kid who is inclined to act stupidly, while his sister Reynn is mindful and goes about as a thwart and partner. Both hold an uncommon power in one arm that empowers them to control Mirages, the creatures possessing Grymoire. They can likewise switch freely amongst Lilikin and Jiant frames. The kin are guided through Grymoire by Tama, a strange animal who goes about as their pilot and educator. Their mom is uncovered to be an incredible figure called Luce-Fana, who spared the world a century prior.

Lann and Reynn from World of Final Fantasy are guided into Grymoire from a different universe by the puzzling Enna Kros, and supported inside Grymoire by Cid, a robot and incarnation of a repeating character inside the arrangement. They additionally experience a baffling Masked Woman who offers exhortation to the kin however whose loyalties are obscure; and Winged Knight Perinoa, who is identified with the satisfaction of the prescience associated with the kin. The primary foe is the Bahamut Army, a constrain of Jiant-like creatures who are throwing dimness over the world: they are driven by their ruler Dark Knight Brendires, and his main strategist Seguriwades. A character of dubious loyalty is Queen Acho, leader of an entire race of Mirages living in a sanctuary on the seabed.

The occupants in World of Final Fantasy of Grymoire are drawn from different sections in the Final Fantasy arrangement. These incorporate the Warrior of Light and Princess Sarah (Final Fantasy); Refia (Final Fantasy III); Rydia (Final Fantasy IV); Bartz Klauser, Gilgamesh and Faris Scherwiz (Final Fantasy V); Terra Branford, Edgar Roni Figaro and Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI); Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Shelk Rui (Final Fantasy VII and its sidekick media); Squall Leonhart and Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy VIII); Vivi Ornitier and Eiko Carol (Final Fantasy IX); Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X); Lightning and Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII); and Sherlotta (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time). As opposed to being characters drawn from their particular universes, they are variants that have dependably lived in the realm of Grymoire – these characters have devoted side stories isolate from the principle account.

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